Oxford Energy Podcast – The 2021 energy crisis: Implications for China’s energy market and policies

In September-October 2021, China experienced a severe electricity supply crisis that impacted over twenty provinces, leading to industrial curtailment and residential supply cuts in some areas. In this podcast David Ledesma discusses the causes and implications of this supply crisis with Michal Meidan Director of the Gas Research Programme & the China Energy Research Programme at OIES and Philip Andrew-Speed, Research Fellow at the OIES. In this wide-ranging discussion, Philip and Michal discuss the key messages from the forthcoming Oxford Energy Forum in China’s 2021 energy crisis, addressing also how the Chinese government’s ‘dual control’ policy on energy consumption and energy intensity contributed to the crisis. The podcast ends with a forward-looking discussion on the implications for China’s energy policies and markets, as well as the outlook for the 2030-2060 targets (to peak carbon emissions by 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2060).