Oxford Energy Podcast – Shell’s LNG Outlook 2019

In this Oxford Energy podcast James Henderson, Director of the Natural Gas Programme at OIES, and Jeff Edwards, General Manager at Shell Energy responsible for global LNG market analysis, discuss Shell’s LNG Outlook 2019. The Outlook provides a consensus view of key trends in the LNG industry, and as a result the podcast addresses a wide range of issues from the short-term potential for a supply surplus in 2019 to the need for additional FIDs to ensure adequate supply in the early to mid-2020s. The conversation touches on key growth markets in Asia, in particular China, but also tackles the topic of decarbonisation in Europe and the potential impact on LNG imports. The need for increased flexibility, the impact of the rise in portfolio player activity and the potential for trade in greener forms of gas are also mentioned in a broad-ranging discussion of the LNG sector.


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