Oxford Energy Podcast – Quarterly Gas Review – Ten Key Themes for 2021

In this podcast David Ledesma discusses with Jim Henderson, Director of the Natural Gas Programme, the key messages from the recently published Quarterly Gas Review. Following a summary of the key market messages since the previous quarterly publication in October 2020 the podcast focusses on the OIES Natural Gas Programme key themes for 2021, set out in four sections 1) Global recovery from COVID (including the balancing of the LNG market in 2021) 2) Europe focused issues (gas storage levels, the outlook for Nordstream 2 and the role of coal in Europe’s energy mix)  3) Two key market themes – China and Brazil and finally 4) Energy Transition related themes a discussion on COP26 and global decarbonisation commitments, the prospects for decarbonisation legislation in the EU and the need for an independent verifiable measurement system for pipeline and LNG cargo emissions.  The tenth theme asks what we should we expect from Biden’s energy and climate policy? The podcast then looks forward and asks what a likely outcome to the ten themes could be.


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