Oxford Energy Podcast – Mauritania – Senegal: the quest for a gas exporter role

The Grand Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) gas field straddling Mauritania and Senegal’s deep offshore waters is being developed to launch the first LNG project in this subregion of Africa. Phase 1 of this project consists of a floating liquefied natural gas facility with a design LNG capacity of about 2.5 mtpa. But this initial phase of the GTA LNG project would represent only 8 percent of Mauritania and Senegal’s 30 mtpa of planned or under consideration LNG capacity. A challenging LNG development endeavour, especially under uncertain international gas market conditions. In this podcast, David Ledesma talks to Mostefa Ouki and asks if Mauritania and Senegal become Africa’s new gas province and play a future gas exporter role in the Atlantic basin and possibly beyond?


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