Oxford Energy Podcast – LNG Supply Chains and the Development of LNG as a Shipping Fuel in Northern Europe

In January 2020, the global limit on the sulphur content of exhaust emissions from ships will be lowered, forcing ship owners to choose how to adapt, one option being switching to LNG as a bunker fuel. In this podcast, David Ledesma interviews Jack Sharples to discuss his recently published paper “LNG Supply Chains and the Development of LNG as a Shipping Fuel in North-Eastern Europe” which was recently published by the OIES. The discussion covers the environmental case for LNG, the growth in LNG-fuelled shipping for newbuild vessels, the extent to which an LNG supply chain has been developed to meet the demand for LNG as a bunker fuel, and the role of specific companies as entrepreneurial ‘pathfinders’, before drawing conclusions regarding probable future LNG bunker fuel demand. The discussion also addresses whether the use of LNG as a marine fuel in Northern Europe provides a case study for policy-driven developments that may be replicated in other regions during the coming decade, as ship owners seek regulatory compliance in the context of fleet turnover.


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