Oxford Energy Podcast – European Traded Gas Hubs: German THE fails to impress

In this OIES podcast David Ledesma interviews Patrick Heather about his analysis of the European traded gas hubs in 2020 and the first ten months of 2021. The podcast highlights how TTF has continued to see phenomenal growth and its is the European hub that has the greatest number of market participants, trades the widest range of products over the entire curve and has by far the highest churn rate. NBP however, and the Belgian hubs, have continued to see decline. In the podcast Patrick notes that the European traded gas hubs have assisted the gas sector in managing their supply, distribution and sales needs, their physical balancing requirements, and their risk management and trading strategies and that they have been particularly important in the past two very difficult years, and that the markets have worked. The podcast also discussed the merger of the German hubs to create the New German Trading Hub Europe and concludes that its success to date have been limited.


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