Oxford Energy Podcast – COP26: This time it’s serious

In this OIES podcast James Henderson talks to Malcolm Keay, a Senior Research Fellow at OIES, about his article “COP26: This time it’s serious” which was published in the latest edition of the Oxford Energy Forum. Malcolm discusses the history of COP agreements since Kyoto, and in particular focuses on the importance of COP21 in Paris and the agreement reached there which is now being reviewed and updated at COP26. He also talks about the main challenges that will face governments and policy-makers during the COP26 negotiations and also considers the real issues that will be faced in the implementation of any agreement. He outlines his views on the need for a whole energy system approach that will require radical policy shifts from governments as well as changes in behaviour from energy producers and consumers. He concludes that, while COP26 is likely to see a continuation of the policy momentum towards a net-zero future, the real challenges will come once the meeting is over.


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