Oxford Energy Podcast – COP26 Examining the balance between ambitious pledges and realistic expectations

In this extended OIES podcast David Ledesma talks to James Henderson, the Director of the Energy Transition Research Initiative at OIES, about the recent special edition of the Oxford Energy Forum entitled “COP 26 – Examining the Balance between Ambitious Pledges and Realistic Expectations.” The discussion ranges from a general overview of the key issues that will be discussed at the COP in Glasgow next month, including new environmental pledges, the development of carbon markets and financing of the energy transition in the developing world, to more specific views on the ambitions and attitudes of various key countries in the climate negotiations. China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Brazil are all mentioned, as well as the key issue of how the US will address the COP26 negotiations. Overall, the podcast presents an overview of the 18 articles in the current Forum and offers a thought-provoking survey of the key challenges being faced at COP26.