Oxford Energy Podcast – Can the current EU regulatory framework deliver decarbonisation of gas?

In this podcast James Henderson talks with Alex Barnes about his new paper which questions whether the current regulatory structure for energy markets in Europe is suitable to cope with the ever more urgent need to meet decarbonisation objectives. It discusses the evolution of the regulation of gas markets in Europe to date, before addressing the new EU decarbonisation goals and the implications they have for gas. James and Alex then debate whether the current regulations provide a level playing field for gas as it seeks to decarbonise, and discuss what key fundamental changes may need to be made to provide suitable incentives for the development of new technologies in the gas sector. Finally, they talk about the actions that are currently being taken by companies to create a unified stance across the gas industry and outline a timetable for key regulatory actions that are required in the next few years if long-term decarbonisation targets are to be met.