Oxford Energy Podcast – Beyond Energy: Incentivising Decarbonization through the Circular Economy

In this OIES Energy Podcast, Anupama Sen (OIES) and Carlo Napoli (Enel Foundation) discuss with David Ledesma the key messages from their recent publication “Beyond Energy: Incentivising Decarbonization through the Circular Economy”. The authors discuss why the hitherto predominant approach to decarbonization – focusing on adding renewables in power generation and improving energy use efficiency – could be inadequate given countries’ recent, accelerated ambitions on net zero carbon targets, and how the Circular Economy can be a strong complement to existing policies in enhancing decarbonization. The authors also argue that circular economy approaches need to be implemented through strong public policy frameworks, to avoid unintended effects, and ensure that the conditions are met in order for these approaches to lead to net economic as well as environmental benefits.  Anupama and Carlo also discuss the practical barriers to the implementation of Circular Economy approaches, with David.


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