Oxford Energy Podcast – Ammonia as a storage solution for future decarbonized energy systems

Increasing the share of renewables in the national energy mixes is a necessary step to achieve decarbonisation objectives. However, due to geographical features and seasonal fluctuations in renewable generation and energy demand, connecting renewable energy producers with a significant number of end users in time and space necessitates finding a suitable means to preserve energy in large amounts for a long time in a transportable form. In this podcast, David Ledesma talks to Rahmat Poudineh and Aliaksei Patonia on whether ammonia could potentially play the role of such means of energy storage. The podcast covers both ammonia’s advantages in comparison to other storage options as well as its specific challenges for producers and end users; and also discusses how green ammonia could be generated and transported, and what the key cost drivers for its production look like. Finally, Rahmat and Aliaksei describe what specific place green ammonia could take in the energy systems of the future.


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