OIES Podcast – What are we getting wrong about China’s power sector energy transition?

China’s low-carbon energy transition depends on the power sector taking the lead. In this OIES podcast, we talk with Anders Hove, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute, to discuss his recent paper on China’s power sector energy transition. The paper looks at three questions: (1) Is the power sector transition on track, in terms of non-fossil and renewable capacity and output? (2) Are market reforms in the power sector a prerequisite for China’s low-carbon transition? (3) Do efforts at international experience sharing and topics of cooperative research require adjustment? In the podcast, Anders discusses where progress is being made in decarbonisation, but also areas such as power sector reform that are moving forward more slowly. But assuming the market reforms are a prerequisite for China’s decarbonisation may be misguided, while international cooperation on the power sector may be more useful if it focused on highlighting progress in technology or policy – both inside and outside China. In this episode, Hove outlines several areas of research the institute will undertake in 2023 in the power sector field, including research related to heat pumps, EV charging, and green power trading.


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