OIES Podcast – The outlook for LNG in Japan, Korea and Taiwan

In this latest OIES podcast, from the Gas Programme, James Henderson talks to Graeme Bethune about his latest paper on the outlook for LNG in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. They begin by exploring the history of gas, and in particular LNG imports, in the region before moving on to look at Japan specifically. They consider how the role of gas is being affected by the restart of nuclear power in the country and the rise of renewable energy while also discussing the importance of coal as a competing fuel. They look at Japan’s LNG contracting strategy and ask what they implies for the next two decades, while also discussing efforts that are being made to decarbonise the gas sector. They then consider similar questions for Korea and Taiwan and highlight the key similarities and differences between the three countries before looking at the overall outlook for LNG demand to 2050 and discussing a number of upside and downside scenarios and the drivers behind them.