OIES Podcast – The IGU gas price survey

In this latest OIES podcast, brought to you by the Gas Programme, James Henderson talks to Mike Fulwood about the results of the latest IGU gas price survey. Mike has been conducting the survey, which looks at the formation methodologies and levels of wholesale gas prices, since 2005, with more than 100 countries now included. During the podcast they discuss the change in price formation away from oil-linked pricing towards gas-on-gas market pricing as well as the gradual decline in regulated prices over the past 18 years. They contrast the differing approaches in different regions and also consider the significant increase in spot LNG trading since 2016, when the first US LNG export project was launched. On price levels the discussion centers around the overall increase in the average global price over the period but also looks at the impact of the 2022 energy crisis in various regions and how the differing regional pricing models impacted global trade over the past two years.