OIES Podcast: Impact of Russia-Ukraine War on Energy Markets Series – 14

In this latest in the OIES podcast series James Henderson speaks to Michal Meidan and Jack Sharples about their contributions to the latest OIES Gas Quarterly, published on  3 August 2022. They start by discussing the latest price trends in the gas market and the impact on the potential for development of new LNG projects as well as the possibility that high prices could have a significant impact on demand. They review the current state of supply to Europe in the light of further reductions in Nord Stream throughput while also considering the decline in European consumption which has been driven by limited supply and increased injections into storage, and which the EU wishes to constrain further over the winter months. They also consider the outlook for the coming winter, with alternative pipeline supplies already being at maximum capacity and the potential for further increases in LNG imports also being constrained. One of the key issues could be a rebound in the Chinese economy as it is gradually released from COVID lockdowns, and Michal Meidan considers the possible impact on gas demand and LNG imports, which could increase competition in the global gas market.