OIES Podcast – Outlook for the Indian gas market

In this latest OIES podcast, brought to you by the OIES Gas Research Programme, James Henderson talks to Nitin Zamre about his latest paper “Gas sector reforms in India: How will it change the market outlook?”. They start by reviewing the current state of the Indian gas market, looking at the main centers of demand as well as discussing the history of and prospects for indigenous supply. A key driver has been gas price reform, and so the podcast covers the history of price-setting in India and also looks at the prospects for the future, including the use of subsidies in specific sectors. In particular, Nitin discusses the sensitivity of the Indian market to the price of LNG imports, and he assesses the likelihood that the role of gas will really be to replace oil rather than coal in the Indian energy economy, meaning that the main hope for future demand is in City Gas Distribution, transport and industry rather than the power sector. Finally, the podcast addresses the issue of whether India is likely to hit its target of a 15% market share for gas by 2030. The answer is that, although it is unlikely by that date, this does not mean that gas cannot play a more important role in India in the 2030s and beyond.


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