OIES Podcast – Key themes and messages from the inaugural OIES Energy Transition event

In this extended podcast, David Ledesma discusses with James Henderson the key themes and messages from the inaugural Energy Transition days that were held in Oxford, and livestreamed, on 21-22 June 2022. The overall theme was the dichotomy between the environmental goals which must be met in the long-term if climate and temperature targets are to be met and the short-term energy security necessities that have been catalysed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These challenges are being faced primarily in Europe, but as one of the speakers at the conference put it the Russian/Ukraine war is a “European War with Global Consequences” and the podcast addresses this broader point in the context of social and energy justice during the current energy crisis and during the energy transition. The podcast also discusses key energy transition topics such as carbon allowance and offset markets, measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and the role of finance in achieving the long-term climate targets. It then moves on to summarise the conclusions from the hydrogen session, discussing the potential demand for hydrogen, key issues with transportation, challenges in developing new projects and potential business models. Finally it considers the prospects for COP27 and the challenges that lie ahead of environmental policy-makers and energy companies.