OIES Podcast – Impact of Russia-Ukraine War on Energy Markets Series – 4

In this latest OIES podcast we continue our weekly updates of the impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine on energy markets. This week James Henderson, Jack Sharples and Mike Fulwood review continuing flows of Russian gas to Europe, despite the threat of an embargo. We note the increase in volumes since the invasion in February but ask why buyers are continuing to nominate for gas below the contracted levels. We also assess the different routes for Russian exports and note the declining role of Ukraine. A discussion of LNG flows and prices then leads to a review of storage levels in Europe and some thoughts on the summer-winter spread of prices and what it means for injections of gas into storage this year. Finally, we turn to Agnieszka Ason who provides an update on the latest advice from the European Commission on Russia’s demand for rouble payment for its gas. She also reviews the decision of the Baltic States to halt all imports of Russian gas and discusses whether this has broader relevance to the EU as a whole.