OIES Podcast – EU solidarity at a time of gas crisis

In this latest OIES podcast, brought to you by the OIES Gas Research Programme, James Henderson talks to Katja Yafimava about her recent OIES paper “EU solidarity in a time of crisis: even with a will the way still looks difficult.” In the discussion Katja addresses the key issue that although Europe currently appears to be in a relatively benign position with regards to meeting its gas demand, it may not be so lucky in the winter of 2023/24, with the risks particularly high for Central and Eastern Europe. As a result, she argues that recent Eu legislation which includes energy solidarity measures may become increasingly important if the global gas market starts to tighten and the potential for shortages in Europe emerges. She describes the various regulations which include solidarity measures, including the Security of Supply and Enhanced Security of Supply Regulations and the Gas Demand Reduction Regulation and assesses what problems could emerge if they need to be implemented. She also highlights that at present very few solidarity agreements have actually been reached between member states, meaning that the region could still be vulnerable in the event of a cold winter or a further supply interruption.


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