OIES Podcast – China Energy Policies and Carbon Neutrality Post Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

In this latest podcast, David Ledesma speaks to Michal Meidan and Yan Qin about China’s carbon neutrality goals in the context of the current turmoil in energy markets and rising concerns about energy security. Much of the commentary and analysis following the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been focused on the consequences for, and reactions of, European nations. But the global nature of energy markets means that the effects of the conflict in Ukraine are felt around the world, and Asia is no exception. Rising energy prices, questions of affordability and shifting trade flows following Western sanctions on Russia, are impacting China and its neighbours. Even though China may be benefitting from discounted imports from Russia, energy security continues to rise on China’s political agenda, and coal is seen as a key source of supply security. Yet China’s ETS continues to develop, and renewables are also being discussed as part of the solution to China’s energy woes.