Oxford Energy Podcast – Nord Stream 2: on the verge of sending gas to Europe

This OIES podcast is based on Dr Katja Yafimava’s new OIES Energy Insight “Nord Stream 2: on the verge of sending gas to Europe”. In conversation with Dr James Henderson, Katja takes stock of Nord Stream 2 recent developments and muses on just how close – or far – the Nord Stream 2 pipeline system, two lines of which have been built and one line has been filled with gas, might be from sending gas to Europe. She outlines several scenarios, some of which see flows in winter 2021-22 and some – not until summer 2022, and discusses various factors, which might have an impact on which scenario will materialise, including the Ukraine’s transit role post-2024. Katja also explains the intricacies of technical and regulatory certification processes, focusing on the latter, including in respect of security is supply assessment and the choice of unbundling model.


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