OIES Podcast – Italy and its North African gas pipeline links: A potential new mid-Mediterranean gas ‘hub’?

In this latest OIES podcast, brought to you by the Gas Programme, James Henderson talks to Mostefa Ouki about his latest Energy Comment on the increasing gas relationship between Italy and North Africa and the possibility of the development of a Mediterranean gas hub. The discussion ranges from the export potential of countries such as Algeria, Libya and Egypt to the question of demand in Europe over the short, medium and long-term as issues of energy security merge into the outlook for gas demand during the energy transition. Mostefa also discusses the possibility of the export of decarbonised gas from North Africa, and he questions whether this is the best use of the region’s renewable resources. The podcast also covers the political risks of North African gas, the need for new investment if higher exports are to be sustained over the long-term and the potential for gas from the Eastern Mediterranean to become an increasing part of the supply mix over time.


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