Future of Petroleum in Lebanon: Energy, Politics and Economic Growth

What is the future of the oil and gas sector in Lebanon? Following the recent discovery of these valuable resources in the southern Mediterranean, including in the Cypriot and Israeli offshore reserves, the possibility of Lebanon also becoming a petroleum-producing country has been raised. This collection of essays addresses the major challenges and opportunities that accompany the country’s hope to join the petroleum club. Covering the key policy issues—from Lebanon’s susceptibility to the oil curse, to the environmental risks of production—this book brings together expert analysis to offer answers at the institutional level. For Lebanon to benefit from the discovery of petroleum, the contributors argue, it must first reform its institutions with the full support of the voting public and civil society. Combining rigorous quantitative and qualitative research, the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies has produced an essential book that puts petroleum in Lebanon, and the important questions that come with it, within a global perspective.

Attallah, S. and Fattouh, B., eds. (2019). Future of Petroleum in Lebanon: Energy, Politics and Economic Growth, I.B. Tauris.

By: Bassam Fattouh