EU Hydrogen Vision: regulatory opportunities and challenges

This Insight provides an overview of the recent EU Commission Hydrogen Strategy, Energy System Integration Strategy and Industrial Strategy, focusing on regulatory issues impacting hydrogen. It looks at the proposed classification and preferences for different sources of hydrogen, financial and regulatory support for development of hydrogen supply, demand, and infrastructure, as well as potential regulation of hydrogen markets. Whilst the Hydrogen Strategy underlines the need for hydrogen to decarbonise the economy, the Insight concludes that the EU has shown a clear preference for hydrogen based on renewable electricity at the expense of low carbon hydrogen from natural gas, even though it recognises the need for low carbon hydrogen. In addition, further detail is required on the support mechanisms and regulatory framework if development of new hydrogen value chain is to succeed. Lastly there is little sign that the Commission recognises the change in regulatory approach from the current natural gas framework which will be needed because of the different challenges facing the development of a hydrogen market.

By: Alex Barnes , Katja Yafimava

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