Oxford Energy Podcast – A mountain to climb: Scaling Up Renewable Gas in Europe

In this latest OIES podcast David Ledesma discusses the challenges of scaling up renewable gas in Europe with Martin Lambert, who recently co-authored a paper on the subject with Gbemi Oluleye from the Sustainable Gas Institute (SGI) at Imperial College, London. Recent reports have made very ambitious claims of the volume of low- and zero-carbon gas production which could be supplying Europe in 2050, and equally ambitious claims about the extent of cost reductions over the same time period. OIES and SGI compiled a database to track projects which are either in operation or proposed which could contribute to that scale-up pathway, and compared those actual projects with the pathways which would be required to achieve the ambitious targets. While it is too early to be definitive, early signs are not encouraging. Drawing comparisons with the impressive growth of wind and solar power generation and the associated reduction in costs over the past 15 years, renewable gas would need to follow a similar pathway if it is to achieve its targets. OIES and SGI intend to continue to track progress in the next few years to continue the assessment.


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