100th Oxford Energy Podcast – Energy Market Changes over 3000 days

In this extended podcast the OIES celebrates its 100th Podcast recording. David Ledesma, Bassam Fattouh, James Henderson, Michal Meidan and Anupama Sen discuss the key changes in the energy market since the first edition was recorded in 2017 and look forward to what topics will form the basis of the next 100 podcasts over the next 3 to 4 years – a period of approximately 3000 days. These include:

Oil: how the oil market has responded to the growth of shale oil supply; Saudi oil policy, and how the oil market will respond to the COVID pandemic.

China: the country has always been a key part of the energy market but the last few years has seen its importance increase in both oil and gas as security of supply has become increasingly important – how will the China market be reformed and at what pace?

The Energy Transition: a subject that is becoming increasingly important and will see greater attention and focus on decarbonising the gas sector; how a hydrogen economy can emerge globally; the role of a carbon border adjustment mechanism; CCS, and the adoption of a circular economy, intertwined in changing global geopolitics.