Publications 2014


The Russian Gas Matrix – How Markets Are Driving Change

Iran’s Natural Gas Industry in the Post-Revolutionary Period – Optimism, Scepticism and Potential


China’s Coal Market: Can Beijing Tame ‘King Coal’?

Dynamics of a Liberalised European Gas Market – Key determinants of hub prices, and roles and risks of major players

Can Indonesia’s policy of reconfiguring its energy mix by increasing natural gas usage support its initiatives to reform subsidies?

Prospects and Challenges for Arctic Oil Development

Reducing European Dependence on Russian Gas – distinguishing natural gas security from geopolitics

Challenges across Brazil’s oil sector and prospects for future production

The US Tight Oil Revolution and Its Impact on the Gulf Cooperation Countries – Beyond the Supply Shock

Kenya – An African oil upstart in transition

European gas hubs price correlation – barriers to convergence

Prospects for Renewable Energy in GCC States – Opportunities and the Need for Reform

The Future of Australian LNG Exports – Will domestic challenges limit the development of future LNG export capacity?

Sustainable Energy in Brazil – Reversing Past Achievements or Realizing Future Potential

The Development of Chinese Gas Pricing – Drivers, Challenges and Implications for Demand

US climate change policy and the power sector

Brazil – Country of the future or has its time come for natural gas?

The Outlook for Natural Gas Demand in Europe

Divergent Paths to a Common Goal? An Overview of Challenges to Electricity Sector Reform in Developing versus Developed Countries

Mozambique’s LNG revolution – A political risk outlook for the Rovuma LNG ventures

Price Reform in Kuwait’s Electricity and Water Sector – Assessing the Net Benefits in the Presence of Congestion

The New German Energy Policy – What Role for Gas in a De-carbonization Policy?

The Arab Uprisings and MENA Political Instability – Implications for Oil & Gas Markets

The Prospects for Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel in Europe

Ethanol and oil firms – the beginning of a new role for alternative fuels?

Mainstreaming Climate Policy in the Gulf Cooperation Council States

LNG Plant Cost Escalation

Natural Gas in the Turkish Domestic Energy Market – Policies and Challenges

Challenges to JCC Pricing in Asian LNG Markets

A Roadmap for Renewable Energy in the Middle East and North Africa

Performance-based formulaic resource allocation – a cautionary tale

The French Disconnection – Reducing the nuclear share in France’s energy mix

Energy Comments

The Commercial and Political Logic for the Altai Pipeline

Energy and climate targets for 2030 – Europe takes its foot off the pedal

Markets in Transition and the Dubai Crude Oil Benchmark

US NGLs Production and Steam Cracker Substitution: What will the Spillover Effects be in a Global Petrochemicals Market?

New swings for West African crudes

National support for renewable electricity and the single market in Europe: the Ålands Vindkraft case

The US Shale Revolution and the changes in LPG Trade Dynamics – A Threat to the GCC?

Ukraine’s imports of Russian gas – how a deal might be reached

Europe’s energy security – caught between short-term needs and long-term goals

Awaiting the Mexican Wave – Challenges to energy reforms and raising oil output

In Search of the Mexican Way – How to kick start competition in the electricity sector and achieve lower tariffs

Costs, competitiveness and climate policy – distortions across Europe

US shale gas and tight oil industry performance: challenges and opportunities

What the Ukrainian crisis means for gas markets

The Potential Impact on Asia Gas Markets of Russia’s Eastern Gas Strategy

The EU’s new energy and climate goals for 2030 – under-ambitious and over-bearing?

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