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OIES researchers publish in peer-reviewed academic journals as well as producing or authoring policy briefs, technical reports, and op-eds. Below is a selection of non-OIES publications by OIES staff.

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  • Issue 61 May 2005

    By: OIES

    Nuclear Energy David Waller and Alan McDonald, Judith Greenwald, Paul Mobbs Indian Gas Supply: Elixir for Growth or Priced out of Reach Chris Hansen Oil Production Expectations outside the Middle East Andrew Hayman and Ivan Sandrea Personal Commentary Whalid Khadduri

  • Issue 60 February 2005

    By: OIES

    Energy Policy: Old Baggage John Mitchell Technology and Energy – 21st Century Outlook Bernard J. Bulkin OPEC and the 21st Century. What has Changed and what have we Learnt? Pedro Antonio Merino Garcia The Private Oil Companies: From Consolidation to Growth Robert Arnott What Role Derivatives? Paul Newman Multilateral Energy Co-operation in Northeast Asia : […]

  • Issue 59 November 2004

    By: OIES

    Investment in LNG David Ledesma, Ben Smith, Julia Richardson & John Burnes Jr Investment in Power Generation Lindsay Tuthill John Bower Mark Lijesen and Gijsbert Zwart Personal Commentary Philip J. Carroll

  • Issue 58 August 2004

    By: OIES

    Why Oil Prices Have Moved Higher Paul Horsnell Gas to Liquids Howard Bevan, Johann Van Rheede, Bipin Patel Why Oil Prices Have Moved Higher Paul Horsnell The Value of Oil and Gas Reserves – SEC Definitions Peter Nicol, Brian Rhodes and Andy Crouch Personal Commentary Peter Odell