Manal Shehabi – Research Output & Publications

OIES Papers

Shehabi, M. (2020). Quantifying Dutch disease effects and asymmetry in economic responses to oil price volatility in Kuwait. OIES Paper: MEP 24. Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Oxford: UK. Paper available here.

Shehabi, M. (2019). Diversification in Gulf hydrocarbon economies and interactions with energy subsidy reform: lessons from Kuwait. ​OIES Paper: MEP 23. Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Oxford: UK. DOI:  Paper available here

Shehabi, M. (2019). Is energy subsidy reform in an oil-exporting small economy beneficial to trade?  Illustrations from Kuwait. OIES Paper: MEP 21. Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Oxford: UK. DOI: .  Paper available here.

Shehabi, M. (2019). Is Energy Subsidy Reform in an Oil-Exporting Small Economy Beneficial to Trade?  Illustrations from Kuwait, Non-Technical Commentary. Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Oxford: UK.  Paper available here.

Shehabi, M. (2017). Assessing Kuwaiti Energy Pricing Reform, OIES Paper: MEP 17. Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.  Oxford: the UK.  DOI:  Paper is available here

OIES Ongoing Research (Drafts)

Shehabi, M. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic and oil price shocks on the Kuwaiti economy. Draft

Shehabi, M.  The economic case for a hydrogen economy in hydrocarbon states. Draft.

Shehabi, M. The Viability of Changing the Energy Mix in Kuwaiti Electricity Production: A Fiscal Assessment. Draft

Non-OIES Peer Reviewed Papers

Shehabi, M., in Schumacher, I., et al. (2020). Perspectives on the economics of the environment in the shadow of coronavirus.  “Novel policy research on the resource exporters-energy policy nexus during the Coronavirus pandemic.” Environmental and Resource Economics, 76, 447–517. DOI: Paper available here.

Shehabi, M. (2020). Diversification effects of energy subsidy reform in oil exporters: Illustrations from Kuwait. Energy Policy, 123, 110966. DOI: available here.

Shehabi, M. (2020). Is energy subsidy reform in an oil-exporting small economy beneficial to trade?  Illustrations from Kuwait. World Trade Review, 19 (s1), s36–s61. DOI: 10.1017/S1474745620000324.  Paper available here.

Hilmi N., Farahmand S., & Shehabi, M. (2020). Climate Agreements Implementation through Energy Transition and Economic Diversification in Kuwait. In Economic Development in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, From Rentier States to Diversified Economies, Miniaoui, H. (ed.), Gulf Studies, Vol: 1, Springer. Chapter available here.

Shehabi, M. (2020)Redefining Economic Sustainability in Resource-Rich States: Comparative Lessons. When Can Oil Economies be Deemed Sustainable?. Luciani, G., & Moerenhout, T. eds., Pelgrave. Forthcoming.

Shehabi, M. (2018). Maintaining the Order: Contemporary Kuwaitization Dynamics and their Historical Perspectives. The Gulfization of the Arab World, Exeter Critical Gulf Series. vol.  1, Jones M.  O., Porter, R., & Valeri M. eds., Gerlach Press: Berlin. doi: 10.2307/j.ctvvnh8v.7Shehabi

Shehabi, M. (2005). Islam and Democracy: An Analytic Survey. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Forbey, S., New, M., Orazay, Y., & Shehabi, M. (2004). Turkish Monetary and Fiscal Policy Development in Fulfillment of the EU Accession Requirements. EU Notes: Online EU Journal of Texas A&M University, 3, 1: College Station, TX.

Shehabi, M.  An Extraordinary Post-War Recovery and Petroleum:  Kuwait Following the Gulf War.  Under Review, the Journal of Arabian Studies.

Chapters in Edited Books

Shehabi, M. (2019). The Hidden Face of Subsidies Reforms Following Oil Price Declines in Kuwait: An Economy-Wide Analysis. in Challenges Facing GCC Oil & Gas Exports, Naji Abi Aad, ed, Gulf Research Center Cambridge (GRC), The University of Cambridge.  Cambridge, the UK: GRC. Forthcoming.

Unpublished Thesis

Shehabi, M.  Success and Failure in a Petrostate:  Economic Policy and Performance in Kuwait since the Gulf War. Unpublished. Thesis presented for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy of The University of Western Australia, Economics, Perth, Australia.

Shehabi, M.  Islam, Democracy, and Economic Development: The Case of Contemporary Iran. Unpublished. Honors Thesis presented to the faculty of Ursinus College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Honors in Economics & Business Administrations and in International Relations, PA, USA.

Articles, policy reports, and Professional Publications

Al-Abdullah, Y. M.; Shehabi, M.; & Sreeka th, K. J. (2020). Kuwait Energy Outlook 2020: Current Policies and Necessity of Reform. Kuwait City: Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. n

Hilmi, N.; Hassan, A.; Cinar, M.; Djoundourian, S.; Farahmand, S.; Greene, C.; Lam, V.; Maliki, S.; Mulsow Sandor; Safa, A.; Sameti, M.; Shehabi, M. (2019). Policy brief: Ocean Sustainability and Ocean Economics in Developing Countries, International Hydrographic Organization, Monaco Ocean Week 2019, Principality of Monaco.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). (2019). IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC). Contributing Author to Chapter 5:Chapter 5: Changing Ocean, Marine Ecosystems, and Dependent Communities”.

Shehabi, M. (2019). Slowing the pump?  Why GCC Economies have a diversified base but remain overly hydrocarbon-dependent. Oxford Energy Forum Journal; Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, 118, 8-14. OIES: UK.  Article available here. 

Ocean Sustainability Policy Brief (2019). Contributing Author to Policy brief by Participants in the Ocean Sustainability and Ocean Economics in Developing Countries Workshop, part of Monaco Ocean Week 2019. Forthcoming​.

Shehabi, M. & Fattouh, B. (2019, April). The Long Road towards Better Diversification. ​WE Energy, no. 42, ​pp. 15-19.  Western Energy Institute.
Article is available here.

Shehabi, M. (2017). Challenges of Kuwaiti Energy Pricing Reform in Response to Petroleum Price Volatility. Oxford Energy Forum Journal; Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, 108, 25- 30. OIES: UK.  Article available here:

Shehabi, M. & Van Rhyn, J. (2013, January). Why Aussies Should Care About the Dawn of the UN Transfer Pricing Manual in Africa. ResourceStocks. January- February edition.
Article is available here. feb2013

Das, J., O’Brien-Penney, A., Shehabi, M., Shekari, L., et al. (2011). Consultants Guides I-IV.  Consultants Think Tank- Transfer Pricing Services, Deloitte Tax LLP, USA.

Taylor, L., Barrineau, B., Shehabi, M., et al. (2005). Meeting Needs? A Survey of School Facilities in the State of Texas. Legislative report to the Joint Select Committee on Public School Finance, Austin, TX Texas Educational Agency Finance.  Report is available here. FacilitiesReport.pdf

Shehabi, M. (2002). Foreign Direct Investment Trends & National Investment Regulations in the Oil and Gas Sector in West Asia.  Report presented to the Division on Investment, Technology & Enterprise Development, UNCTAD, Geneva, Switzerland.

Seeds of Peace Committee Members. (2001). Statement of the Committee on Economic Disparity. Uprooting Hatred and Terror Report, Statement presented to Mr. Kofi Anan, Secretary General of the United Nations, Seeds of Peace International Youth Summit in New York, NY, USA.