Library Policies

The library at OIES is open during regular office hours, Mon-Fri, 9.00 – 17.00. It is closed on all bank holidays and weekends.

The library aims to support the needs of all researchers and students of energy related subjects. The library is open to all on a reference basis. Non-staff members will need to make an appointment with the librarian to use the library.

The library is split between two floors.

Due to security of the collections all visitors are required to:

  • Leave bags at reception before entering the library


  • Bring their University of Oxford card


Borrowing privileges

Staff of OIES and graduate students at the University of Oxford haveborrowing privileges. Graduate students will need to bring their university card in order to borrow.

Material typeLength of loan

OIES Staff All 4 Weeks (multiple renewals)
Graduate Students at the University of Oxford Books only 2 weeks (4 renewals)


OIES does not charge any fees for reference use of the library or for borrowing (where entitled).

Lost or damaged materials will incur a replacement fee. The fee will depend on the current cost of the item to be replaced plus staff administration time.

Self-service photocopying & scanning fees

b/w A4 single 5p
b/w A4 duplex 10p
b/w A3 single 10p
b/w A3 duplex 15p
Colour A4 single 35p
Colour A4 duplex 60p
Colour A3 single 75p
Colour A3 duplex £1.15
Scan 2p

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