James Henderson – non OIES publications list

Books and Chapters

Restructuring and Growth of Post-Socialist Enterprises through Alliances: LUKOIL and Yukos, James Henderson and Slavo Radosevic, in “International Industrial Networks and Industrial Restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe”, Editors Slavo Radosevic and Bert M. Sadowski, Kluwer, 2004

Non-Gazprom Gas Producers in Russia, OIES, Oxford, December 2010

CIS Gas Pricing: Towards Export Netback, with Simon Pirani and Katya Yafimova in “The Pricing of Internationally Traded Gas”, ed. Jonathan Stern, October 2012, Oxford University Press

International Partnership in Russia: Conclusions from the Oil and Gas Industry, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014

The Russian Gas Matrix: How Markets are Driving Change, editor, with S. Pirani, OIES, Oxford, 2014

Does Russia have a potent gas weapon? Chapter 19 in The Palgrave Handbook of the International Political Economy of Energy editors Thijs Van de Graaf, Benjamin K. Sovacool, Arunabha Ghosh, Florian Kern and Michael T. Klare, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

Peer Reviewed Journals

The Potential Impact on Europe of Russia’s Evolving Gas Market, British Institute of Energy Economics, September 2012

Competition for Customers in the Evolving Russian Gas Market Europe-Asia Studies Vol 67, No.3, May 2015, pp.345-369

Russia’s Changing Gas Relationship with Europe Russian Analytical Digest No.163, 24 Feb 2015

Risk Assessment in the Construction Process in the Nuclear Sector within Central and Eastern Europe, International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 2015, 5(2), pp.482-493 (with Tomas Vlcek and Martin Jirusek)

Gazprom’s LNG offensive: a demonstration of monopoly strength or impetus for Russian gas sector reform? Post-Communist Economies, Vol 28, No.3, July 2016, pp.281-299 (with Arild Moe)

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