Throughout the year we hold a number of regular events that include our Brainstorming and oil and gas days. These events are attended by our benefactors and sponsors and guests from industry, government and academia.

For more information about our events please contact Kate Teasdale .

We are also invited to participate in numerous conferences and events worldwide.


We have been holding an annual Brainstorming meeting since 1990. We aim to bring together around thirty participants from energy companies, financial institutions, governments and international organisations for a wide-ranging discussion on topical energy issues. The meeting is a brainstorming exercise without formal lectures and papers, its success depends on participants’ contributions to the discussions and interaction in the meeting and during the breaks.  

China Energy Days

The China Energy Reseach Programme was launched in 2019 as a center of analytical excellence offering insights into the factors that inform China’s energy policies and choices and their pivotal role in global energy markets. China is the world’s second largest economy, biggest importer of crude oil, the fastest growing consumer of natural gas as well as the world’s top coal producer and emitter of CO2. The country is endowed with vast reserves of oil, gas and coal all of which it aims to develop in order to enhance its energy security, but, it is also seeking to spearhead a technological revolution in support of its energy transition. Our China Energy Days aim to bring together 30-35 people, including key figures from government, energy companies, the financial industry and academia to discuss, amongst other themes; China's Macroeconomic outlook, The Geopolitical outlook for China and Liberalisation in the Chinese energy market.

Electricity Days

The Electricity Day brings together key senior figures from academia, the energy and technology industries, consumers and government to discuss major themes affecting the electricity sector. Themes previously covered at Electricity Day include: energy systems integration; decarbonisation and the role of electricity; integration of renewable energy and implications for market and regulatory reform; digitisation, decentralisation and the implications of disruptive technologies; consumer participation and system design issues; regulatory and behavioural barriers to consumer participation; and, new business models and strategies aimed at encouraging active consumer participation in electricity markets.

Gas Days

Our ‘Gas Day’ events bring together a selected audience from Industry, policy makers, academia and the energy media for an informal but energetic discussion of current topics relating to natural gas.  Three topical themes are succinctly introduced by invited experts followed by thorough Q&A and often passionate debate.  Sponsors of the gas programme are guaranteed access to this unique event; the balance of the audience attends on the basis of invitation only.

Oil and Middle East Days

Our 'oil and Middle East day' events have been running very succesfully for a number of years and our aim is to bring together small groups of key senior figures from governments, oil companies, refineries, the financial industry, and academia to discuss important and topical issues affecting global oil markets and energy in the Middle East.  

Oxford Energy Policy Club

The Oxford Energy Policy Club, founded in 1976 and is an exclusive members only debating forum which meets twice a year. The current Chairman is Mr Andrew Gould.