The future of energy in transport

Building on our  annual Transport Workshops, OIES will be developing a research module on the future of energy in transport, which analyses how policies to decarbonize transport, including the provision of incentives to alter consumer behaviour, the passing of regulations aimed at intra-modal and inter-modal shifts,  and the rise of alternative fuels and technological options, among other factors, are transforming the sector and challenging the dominance of oil. The research will cover different transport modes, including not just passenger vehicles and light commercial transport, but also the so-called “hard-to-abate” transport modes: short and long distance road freight, marine shipping and aviation. The module will draw upon OIES’s strong regional expertise to examine the implications of changes in transport policy, technology, and regulation across multiple regions.

Latest Publications from the The future of energy in transport

  • E-diesel in the shipping sector: Prospects and challenges

    E-fuels, in particular e-diesel, will have to play a key role in replacing fossil fuels in shipping and thus promote climate change mitigation in this sector. However, at present, it remains uncertain whether e-diesel will indeed be utilized in the coming years, further adding to the challenge of predicting its availability and usage. Challenges such […]

    By: Nesrine Souissi

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  • Lithium price volatility: where next for the market?

    With the lithium-ion battery sector this year entering the terawatt era (Twh) – driven by demand from the Electric Vehicle (EV) and Battery Energy Storage Sector (BESS) – there remains little doubt over lithium’s central importance to the energy transition. While there has been no shortage of analyses examining the challenges of scaling lithium supply […]

    By: Ahmed Mehdi

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  • OIES Podcast – Aviation fuels and the potential of hydrogen

    In the latest OIES podcast, from the Hydrogen Programme, James Henderson talks to Abdurahman Alsulaiman about his latest paper entitled “Navigating Turbulence: Hydrogen’s Role in the Decarbonisation of the Aviation Sector.” In the podcast we discuss the current balance of fuels in the aviation sector, the importance of increasing efficiency of aero-engines and the impact […]

    By: OIES

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