Hydrogen Research Programme

The Hydrogen Research Programme conducts research under the broad objective of “building business cases for a hydrogen economy”. It focuses on how the clean hydrogen industry can move from its current small scale, largely government funded projects to a scale where it is significant in the global energy system.

Markets and Demand

  • Policy and regulation to promote use of clean hydrogen
  • Comparative analysis across sectors and regions
  • Identify priority end uses and how to service them
  • Steps to enable downstream hydrogen investments


  • Policy and regulatory support mechanisms to drive infrastructure investments
  • Viable business models/investment case studies for investments along the value chain
  • Appropriate contractual models and financing
  • Comparison of approaches to hydrogen transport and storage


  • How to justify investments in GW scale production
  • Integration of production in specific supply chain
  • Comparison of alternative production approaches for clean hydrogen and derivatives


Head of Hydrogen Research

Martin Lambert

Research Fellows

Aliaksei Patonia

Visiting Research Fellows

Abdurahman Alsulaiman

Agnieszka Ason

Alex Barnes

Ali Abdelshafy

Ralf Dickel

Simon Schulte

Stephen Craen









Johnson Matthey






 The Hydrogen Research Programme welcomes expressions of interest from visiting researchers who are experts in and passionate about this research. For further information, please get in touch with Martin Lambert.

The Programme acknowledges the kind support provided by its Sponsors, without which this research could not be undertaken.

Latest Publications from the Hydrogen Research Programme

  • Renewable Hydrogen Import Routes into the EU

    Hydrogen’s production versatility, coupled with its potential as an energy vector, positions it as a potentially important fuel for the future. It can be sourced in many different ways, and has the ability to meet many applications, both in existing and future technology, and this means that hydrogen is in the forefront of the minds […]

    By: Abdurahman Alsulaiman

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  • OIES Podcast – Hydrogen Storage for a net-zero carbon future

    In this podcast, David Ledesma engages in a conversation with Alex Patonia and Rahmat Poudineh on their recent paper focusing on hydrogen storage for a net-zero carbon future. The podcast delves into the various types of hydrogen storage options, highlighting their relative strengths and drawbacks. In order for a hydrogen economy to be established, several […]

    By: OIES

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  • OIES Podcast – China and Hydrogen: A Tale of Three Cities

    China is by far the world’s largest producer and consumer of hydrogen, mostly from coal and other fossil fuels, and the country has an ambitious hydrogen strategy. In this podcast, we dive into the provincial strategies on hydrogen in China, and specifically discuss a recent paper published by the Institute entitled, China’s hydrogen development: A […]

    By: OIES

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