Carbon research themes

OIES is expanding its research into carbon issues under a number of different, but parallel, themes. We will continue to cover key regulatory and policy issues around the development and use of:

  • carbon markets and taxes: with the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and their link with global carbon markets as a key topic (Research leader: Alex Barnes).
  • carbon emissions and accounting: we are expanding our work on methane emissions to include issues around the measurement, reporting and verification of all Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), particularly from traded fossil fuels and the potential accounting methodologies that will be needed if new regulation is to function properly (Research leader: Jonathan Stern).
  • abatement technologies, with a primary focus on carbon, capture, utilisation and storage and its role in decarbonising the use of oil and gas during the transition to net zero emissions (Research leader: Bassam Fattouh).
  • carbon offsets trading as countries and companies increasingly see the direct removal of carbon from the atmosphere as a core part of their transition strategy (Research leader: James Henderson).

These topics will constitute individual work programmes but will also be coordinated under an overall carbon initiative module (co-ordinator: James Henderson)

Latest Publications from the Carbon research themes

  • OIES Podcast – The EU’s CCUS Strategy

    In this latest OIES podcast, produced by the Gas Programme, James Henderson talks to Klaus-Dieter Borchardt about his latest paper “Carbon Capture and Storage: the new driver of the EU decarbonization plan?”, which was published in mid-October 2023. The podcasts starts with a review of the EU’s attitude towards CCUS over the past 5 years, […]

    By: OIES

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  • OIES Podcast – A Taxonomy of Carbon Pricing

    In this OIES podcast, Hasan Muslemani talks to Hannah Hauman, Global Head of Carbon Trading at Trafigura, who is lead author on their latest publication entitled ‘The creation of a global carbon market: A taxonomy of carbon pricing under Article 6’. They discuss key pillars of carbon markets including different forms of carbon pricing mechanisms, […]

    By: OIES

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  • How Carbon Trading Can Unlock Carbon Dioxide Removals

    Carbon trading has long been identified as a key policy tool as part of a broader policy framework to help achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. With COP28 scheduled to take place in UAE later this year, there is much interest in carbon markets and the role of carbon removals. Multiple Article 6 memoranda […]

    By: Malek Al-Chalabi Hasan Muslemani

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