David Robinson – non OIES publications list

“The geopolitical role of electricity trade”, in the proceedings of the September 2014 International Trade in Electricity and the Greening Economy Conference of the World Trade Forum on, forthcoming Cambridge University Press, 2016.

 Transforming multinational climate finance, jointly written with Benito Müller, in Outreach Magazine, published at COP21, Paris, December 2015. http://outreach.stakeholderforum.org/index.php/previous-editions/cop-21-paris/edition-2-climate-and-gender/11901-transforming-multinational-climate-finance

Análisis comparativa de los precios de la electricidad en la Unión Europea y en Estados Unidos: Una Perspectiva Española, Eurocofin, October 2015. http://www.eurocofin.es/wp-content/uploads/PRECIOS-DE-LA-ELECTRICIDAD-DAVID-ROBINSON-INFORME.pdf

Assessment of Demand Response Market Potential and Benefits in Shanghai, co-authored report prepared by The Environmental Change Institute (Dr. Nick Eyre, Dr. Sarah Darby and Mr. Yingqi Liu) and the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (Mr. Malcolm Keay, Dr. David Robinson and Dr. Xin Li) for the Natural Resources Defense Council, July 2015. http://www.nrdc.cn/english/E_info_library_info.php?id=2122&down=1&cid=210

Challenging some Myths and Energy Security, UK Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies (PGES), Energy Focus, April 2015.

“Electricity Markets and Pricing for the Distributed Generation Era”, jointly written with Malcolm Keay and John Rhys, in Distributed Generation and its Implications for the Utility Industry, edited by F.P. Sioshansi, Academic Press, 2014.

Análisis comparativo de los precios eléctricos en la Unión Europea: una perspectiva española, Eurocofin, 28 abril 2014:  http://www.eurocofin.es/Informe_David_Robinson.pdf

“Electricity market reform in Britain: Central planning vs. free markets”: jointly written with Malcolm Keay and John Rhys, in Evolution of Global Electricity Markets: New Paradigms, New Challenges, New Approaches, Elsevier, 2013.

Resource Adequacy and Renewable Energy in Competitive Wholesale Electricity Markets, September 23, 2010, co-authored with Serena Hesmondhalgh and Johannes P. Pfeifenberger. Published by The Brattle Group.

EU Climate and Energy Policy to 2030 and the Implications for Carbon Capture and Storage: A Report for ALSTOM Power Systems, March 2009, co-authored with

Serena Hesmondhalgh and Toby Brown, and David Robinson. Published by The Brattle Group, Inc.

Energy Efficiency: The Belle of the Ball in Bali, April 30, 2008

Published by The Brattle Group, Inc.


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