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  • Chung-Han Yang

    Chung-Han studied for his Master’s Degree as a Chevening Scholar at Cambridge University’s Law Faculty. He also studies for his PhD at the University of Cambridge, his doctoral thesis investigated a range of innovative contractual mechanisms, e.g., environmental and human rights clauses in commercial contracts, NGO-Business partnerships and other multi-actor agreements, for preventing and mitigating the […]

  • Maggie Kumar

    Maggie Kumar joined the Institute in 2018 as OIES-UNITEN Supernumerary Research Fellow in Malaysian Energy Studies. Her research addresses the gas industry and electricity market reform in Malaysia. Her research will focus on the evolution and design of competitive gas and electricity markets in the Malaysia.  Her previous research expertise includes energy system modelling and working […]

  • Zheng Xu

    Zheng Xu is a Master’s candidates at SciencesPo, Paris. He has a bachelor’s degree from University of Nottingham in Building Service Engineering. Currently, his research interests focus on electricity flexibility, smart energy future, electricity market design and regulation. He previously worked as consultant on Chinese electricity market deregulation and energy efficiency. He was also a […]

  • Alexander Scheibe

    Alexander Scheibe is a PhD candidate at the University of Luxembourg’s Institute of Political Science. His research focuses on decision-making in EU energy policy and the utilisation of scenarios as a public policy tool. He is specifically interested in how the interplay of expertise, interests, and political agendas determines the development and impact of scenarios […]

  • Stefano De Clara

    Director, International Policy, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA

  • Raphael Heffron

    Raphael Heffron is Professor for Global Energy Law & Sustainability at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy at the University of Dundee. His work is international and combines a mix of energy law, policy and economics. He has published over 100 publications of different types. Professor Heffron’s research all has a […]

  • Yanna Clara Prade

    Yanna Clara Prade is a Researcher at Energy Economics Group at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a Ph.D candidate in the same university. She is also a Consultant at Prysma E&T Consultores, a Brazilian consulting firm, with expertise in oil and gas sectors on local and regional markets. As a Researcher she […]

  • Roxanne Rahnama

    Roxanne Rahnama is a consultant in the Macroeconomics and Growth Division of the World Bank’s Development Economics Research Group. Until June 2018 she was a graduate fellow at the MIT Tata Center for Technology and Design, where she collaborated with the MIT-Comillas Universal Access Lab on projects related to rural electrification in lndia and sub-Saharan […]

  • Evgenia Vanadzina

    Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

  • Kaisa Huhta

    Researcher, UEF Law School, University of Eastern Finland and Centre for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law.

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