Africa Oil & Gas Programme

Africa Oil & Gas Programme

The Africa Oil and Gas Programme is committed to providing an in-depth understanding of the current trends shaping Africa’s energy industry, from a national and regional perspective, and deep-look analysis on the main political, socio-economic, and security risks facing the oil and gas industry in African countries.

Historically Africa is one of the world’s most neglected energy provinces. In large part because of its relatively small reserves of oil and natural gas – despite notable exceptions such as OPEC members Nigeria, Angola, Algeria and Libya. However, new discoveries, particularly in Africa’s formerly hydrocarbon-poor east, have sparked a new wave of developments that are likely to change the face of Africa as an energy producer.

The Africa oil and gas programme offers a distinctive research platform to provide industry, government, academia and non-governmental and civil society groups with high quality independent research on the key developments, opportunities and challenges in Africa oil and gas.

Its research activities are focused on three developing areas on the African oil and gas scene:

East Africa and the next frontier

A decade of high oil prices were instrumental in unlocking new frontiers on the Africa oil and gas scene with major gas discoveries in Mozambique and Tanzania and new oil finds in Uganda and Kenya. And the completion of new regional pipelines and infrastructure in the coming years in East Africa may open up Central Africa and the Horn of Africa to further exploration activities.

After the boom

For large oil producers in North, West, and southern Africa, the fall in global oil prices has challenged the development and sustainability of the oil and gas industry. This theme explores how major producers, such as Angola and Nigeria, are coping with the lower price environment in recent years, and the future direction of their oil and gas activities.

Asian players

For the past two decades, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and other Asian national and private oil companies have made significant inroads into Africa’s oil and gas industry. The growing presence, strategies, and unique structures of Asian players offers new competition, but also avenues of cooperation, for African and international oil and gas companies.

For further information on the Africa Oil and Gas programme at the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies please write to Luke Patey, Lead Senior Research Fellow or Bassam Fattouh.

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Latest Publications from the Africa Oil & Gas Programme

Latest research from the Africa Oil & Gas Programme

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