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The Price Band and Oil Price Dynamics

Published: 1st July 2009| By:

The proposal for a crude oil price band seems to be gathering support. This comment discusses some of the limitations of an oil price band then it proposes a new framework for understanding the recent dynamics of oil price movements based on feedbacks. Rather than aiming at stabilising spot prices within a band the comment […]

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The Oil Supply and Demand Context for Security of Oil Supply to the EU from the GCC Countries

Published: 1st April 2005| By: , Robert Arnott

This report and presentation were prepared as part of the EUROGULF project carried out under the European Commission’s Synergy Program by a consortium under the coordination of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence.

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A Dialogue Between Oil Producers and Consumers: The Why and the How

Published: 1st January 1991| By:

The notion that a dialogue, leading to co-operation between oil-producing and oil consuming countries, may either avert oil shocks and excessive price instability or, at least, mitigate their adverse effects emerged early on in the 1970s. The very few observers who predicted the 1973 oil shock a year or two before its occurrence also sensed […]

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