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Fundamental Petroleum Fiscal Considerations

Published: 2nd February 2015| By: , David Johnston

The most common business structures in the industry today are either production sharing contracts (PSCs) or royalty/tax systems (R/Ts). Roughly half of the governments of this world use PSCs and the rest use R/Ts. While these systems are fundamentally different from philosophical and legal perspectives, their structures are dramatically similar from financial, economic, and accounting […]

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Awaiting the Mexican Wave – Challenges to energy reforms and raising oil output

Published: 23rd June 2014| By: , Shweta Upadhyaya

This comment analyses the potential impact of the proposed Mexican energy reforms in light of the current state of Mexican oil production. It identifies the main themes behind the reforms and evaluates the prospects for shallow, deepwater and shale resources, along with the midstream and downstream sectors. The comment notes that while Mexico offers significant […]

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Fiscal Policy and Natural Resource Entitlements: Who Benefits from Mexican Oil?

Published: 14th May 2012| By:

This paper suggests a new approach to analysing the distribution of natural resource revenues and applies it to the case of Mexico. It defines a natural resource entitlement as a citizen’s per capita share of their country’s natural resource rents. The main finding is that, according to official estimates, Mexican fiscal policy transfers oil entitlements […]

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Mexico’s energy dilemma: resource nationalism vs market liberalisation

Published: 1st March 2007| By:

In this Comment, Rolando Fuentes looks at the challenges facing the new Mexican government in the energy sector. Successive governments have been committed to energy sector reform, but it raises fundamental political and social issues. Resource, particularly oil, nationalism is at the heart of Mexican identity and underlies the central role of Pemex in its […]

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