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Gas-Opec: A Distraction from Important Issues of Russian Gas Supply to Europe

Published: 1st February 2007| By:

President Putin’s comment that Russia will study the possibility of creating a “gas-OPEC” created a wave of newspaper headlines. Jonathan Stern argues that gas-OPEC is a distraction from much more important issues which have recently emerged in gas trade between Russia and Europe.

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Europe’s crab-like sidle towards a common energy policy

Published: 1st January 2007| By:

In this comment, David Buchan looks at the Commission’s recently published energy policy proposals. Amid growing concern about climate change and energy security, the time may be ripe for a European energy policy but the Commission is likely to find it difficult to achieve consensus on its proposals from the member states. Its main powers [...]

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The New Security Environment for European Gas: Worsening Geopolitics and Increasing Global Competition for LNG

Published: 1st October 2006| By:

In 2006, security of European gas supply became a very topical subject following the cuts in Russian supplies to Ukraine in the first days of the year which had the consequence of restricting the availability of supplies to some European countries. Much of the subsequent discourse has been concerned with ‘the arithmetic of gas security’ [...]

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The G8 and Russia: Security of Supply vs. Security of Demand?

Published: 1st August 2006| By:

In this comment, Dr. Shamil Midkhatovich Yenikeyeff looks at recent developments surrounding Russia’s G8 presidency which reveal that this international club is not capable of bringing energy producing and consuming nations closer together.

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The Interconnector Pipeline: A Key Link in Europe’s Gas Network

Published: 1st March 2006| By:

The Interconnector pipeline became operational in October 1998, providing a bi-directional link between the gas networks of the UK and mainland Europe. The 235 km line runs from Bacton in Norfolk to Zeebrugge in north west Belgium and has the capacity to transport 20 billion cubic metres per annum (bcm/y) in UK export mode and [...]

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Future Natural Gas Demand in Europe: The importance of the gas sector

Published: 1st January 2006| By:

Why do we need a study on gas demand? First, because energy forecasts predict natural gas to be the fastest growing primary energy source in Europe in the next 2−3 decades. Gas demand forecasts commonly show optimistic trends increasing gently or steeply, as shown in Figure 1. The reasons for this expected ‘dash for gas’ [...]

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Towards a Global Gas Market?

Published: 1st June 2004| By:

In his latest presentation Dr Robert Skinner examines the outlook for LNG, its influence on the evolution of regional gas markets, the likelihood of a global gas market and potential issues and factors affecting investments.

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The Large Combustion Plant Directive: An Analysis of European Environmental Policy

Published: 2nd March 1991| By:

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The Irreversible Demand Effects of High Oil Prices. Motor Fuels in France, Germany & the UK

Published: 1st January 1991| By:

The majority of aggregate demand studies, whether concerned with energy or other goods, are based on the notion of a stable long-run demand function, which implies the existence of a unique equilibrium demand for any given relative price and income level. Given this static relationship, the effects of any price (or income) change will, by [...]

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The Role and Behaviour of Oil Inventories

Published: 1st January 1990| By:

The purposes of this paper ape to explain the economics of inventory behaviour, to describe and analyse the changes in oil inventories since the beginning of the Gulf crisis, and to discuss issues of public policies relating to stocks, In Section 2 we emphasize the different economic function petformed by inventones in times of crisis, [...]

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