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Energy and Arab Economic Development

Published: 8th January 2013| By: , Laura El-Katiri

Like no other region, energy resources have shaped the Arab world and its modern-day development trajectory. Endowed with some of the world’s most important oil and natural gas reserves, countries in the Arab world have over the past four decades produced and exported more oil than those of any other region, and hold reserves sufficient […]

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Algeria’s shifting gas export strategy – Between policy and market constraints

Published: 14th March 2011| By:

This paper, by Hakim Darbouche, analyses the main drivers of Algeria’s gas export strategy since the early 2000s. It argues that, after suffering a series of setbacks owing to the policy inconsistencies of the administration of former energy minister Chakib Khelil, Algeria’s gas export strategy now faces a number of constraints as a result of […]

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North African Oil and Foreign Investment in Changing Market Conditions

Published: 14th November 2008| By:

The oil sectors in the North African countries of Algeria, Libya, Egypt and Sudan have witnessed major transformations in the past decade or so. In Algeria, government reforms in the mid 1980s resulted in the entry of a wide range foreign oil companies to an oil sector previously dominated by the state-owned oil company. In […]

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Changing Financial Structures in the Arab World: Some Implications for Oil and Gas

Published: 1st April 2005| By:

This paper examines the interactions between recent changes in domestic and external finance in Arab countries and developments in their hydrocarbon (oil and gas) sectors. In the last two decades, countries have witnessed three major transformations in their financial and energy sectors, and in the role and size of the state. First, in line with […]

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