Founded in 1982, the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies is a Recognized Independent Centre of the University of Oxford.

Its unique multidisciplinary expertise allows it to examine the economics, the politics and the sociology of energy with a focus on oil and natural gas. Its research spans the international relations between producers and consumers of energy; the economic development of producing nations and the geo-political aspects of all these issues alongside the economics and politics of the environment in relation to energy, including climate change. The Institute’s intellectual independence places it firmly at the centre of the dialogue between consumers and producers, government and industry, academics and policy makers. The Institute serves a worldwide audience with its research and continues to inform understanding of all major energy issues today.

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Saudi Arabia’s Oil Policy in Uncertain Times – A Shift in Paradigm?

Published: 22nd October 2014

The sharp fall in oil prices in the last few weeks has turned the world’s attention to OPEC and particularly to Saudi Arabia’s response to the current slide in the oil price. Following unofficial communications to the market that Saudi Arabia is comfortable with markedly lower oil prices, even for an extended period,  hopes that [...]

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Challenges across Brazil’s oil sector and prospects for future production

Published: 20th October 2014
By: , Pedro Florencio, Maarten van Mourik

Less than 10 years ago, at the height of the commodities boom, Brazil was all but assured a place as an oil world powerhouse following the discovery of oil in its subsalt basins. Much faith has been put in Brazil delivering the barrels needed to keep the medium-term oil market in reasonable balance. Whether it [...]

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Oil Markets in Transition and the Dubai Crude Oil Benchmark

Published: 15th October 2014

Dubai crude oil has been the main Asian benchmark since the mid-1980s. The most notable and recent development in the Dubai benchmark has been the significant increase in the liquidity in the Platts ‘window’. What has caused this increase in liquidity? To answer this question, this comment will look at the two recent shifts in [...]

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The US Tight Oil Revolution and Its Impact on the Gulf Cooperation Countries – Beyond the Supply Shock

Published: 13th October 2014

While the impact of the increase in US production on prices and on oil market dynamics is yet to be fully felt, as some of the underlying forces still need time to unfold and need to be fully understood, it is important to provide a general framework to help us analyse the US shale revolution [...]

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Kenya – An African oil upstart in transition

Published: 6th October 2014

In 2012, Kenya became the latest East African country to enter the oil and gas scene. The discovery of oil resources in the Turkana County provided an extra boost to Kenya’s already growing and diverse economy. But significant political, social, and security challenges remain. This paper analyses the opportunities and risks facing Kenya’s oil industry [...]

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US NGLs Production and Steam Cracker Substitution: What will the Spillover Effects be in a Global Petrochemicals Market?

Published: 29th September 2014
By: , Craig Brown

The surge in natural gas liquids (NGLs) supply accompanying US shale production has notably underpinned the domestic petrochemicals industry with cheap plant feedstock, particularly in the form of ethane. This has allowed US plants to forge a competitive global position in ethylene production and ushered in a new era of investments in the US petrochemicals [...]

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Oxford Energy Forum – Issue, 97

Published: 22nd September 2014

Energy in Russia, the subject of this issue of the Oxford Energy Forum, has this year returned to the forefront of debates among academics, policy makers, and those in the industry. Politics, never far from these debates, is a factor: as a result of events in Ukraine, the tension between Russia and the western powers [...]

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European gas hubs price correlation – barriers to convergence

Published: 15th September 2014

With survey data from the IGU and others continuing to demonstrate the continuing widespread adoption of hub pricing for European gas, and trading volumes growing strongly overall, this paper revisits the issue of hub price correlation.  Following from her ground-breaking paper of October 2013 where for the first time in the public domain the analysis [...]

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